Training and education to keep you and
your family safe, warm, and fed in the event of a disaster



Help Your Children Prepare With Games and Activities

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Ready Pets

Your Pets Count on You to Prepare for an Emergency

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CERT Graduates

Train. Drill. Repeat. Ways to Stay Involved

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Why Prepare? Life can change in an instant.


  • We live in an area at risk for earthquakes, wildfire, floods, and more
  • You may be given 10 minutes notice to evacuate your home
  • First responders may not be able to help your community for days
  • Knowing your neighbors and organizing a group may save your life
  • Have a family evacuation plan and designated meeting places
  • Know when and how to turn off your gas and water


Latest News

  • Radio Basics Part 1: Protocol

Radio Basics Part 1: Protocol

  • Posted on February 15 2015

What to Do When All Communications Are Down
After a disaster, communication will be of the utmost importance. As CERTs, we have to plan for […]

  • CERTs Set Up Incident Command Post

CERTs Set Up Incident Command Post

  • Posted on January 26 2015

During disasters, CERT-trained volunteers will play an important role in the overall response. In many cases, local CERTs will be the first available help […]

  • ReadySeniors Car Emergency Kit

ReadySeniors Car Emergency Kit

  • Posted on January 12 2015

You never know where you’ll be in the event of a disaster or emergency. Below is a list of suggested emergency supplies for two […]

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“At first we didn’t know each other; at the end we were a united CERT team.”
Carol, Mill Valley
“If a disaster happened in West Marin, this training will be key to how I will respond. ”
Bob, Nicasio
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